Do you safely want to get out into the mountains this winter with your family? Not sure where to start? We now have a family-oriented solution!

Whether you are ski touring, snowshoeing or even hiking in the mountains you can inadvertently be putting yourself and your family in danger by passing through avalanche terrain.

We have teamed up with an ACMG / IFMGA Mountain Guide, who besides being incredibly qualified, is also a father of a couple wonderful kids!

Here is Mike Adolph's Bio:

 I am an ACMG / IFMGA Mountain Guide and currently working as the ACMG's interim technical director. I am a happily married father of 2 boys (6&8) and am excited to pass along my passion for the mountains to them as well as the people I work with. I have been teaching AST courses for the past 18 years and currently hold the highest level of training offered by the Canadian Avalanche Association, the Level 3 ITP Applied Risk Management. I also currently teach and mentor up and coming guides with the ACMG's training and assessment program. Most of my personal instruction is through private courses and I enjoy tailoring programs to meet the needs of the people I am working with. My goal with the family-based AST is to deliver a comprehensive program that puts parents in a position where they thoroughly understand the risks, their limitations and can use the tools available along with their skill set to navigate the backcountry safely and confidently. Youths will appreciate a straightforward approach to progressing their avalanche safety skills and come away with a strong understanding of why a high level of respect is required for backcountry winter recreation. If you are looking for a means to slash steep pow then this course is not for you.
If you are interested you can contact Mike directly!
The theory will be facilitated through Mike and will be available online and includes a call or video conference with Mike before the field days! For this course Mike will do 2 days in the field in two different locations to make sure you have a good understandings of terrain and risk. 
Kids over 12 can take the course and can be certified. Kids under 12, or if certification is not needed for your child, they can follow along together with you, and will be participating in the field days so they can begin their journey into safe backcountry decision making!
Please, if you are venturing into the mountains with your family this winter, make sure you get the proper training! Whether it's this course, or from another source, and always have the proper gear!
If you have any questions you can contact us through our website or email us at