MSR Basecamp Snow Shelter Saw

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Who doesn't love to make a snow shelter or even the best snowball fighting fort ever constructed! A great activity for fun, and great skill to know when needed. The MSR Basecamp Snow Shelter Saw is incredibly designed and durable to make building a shelter or a wind wall easier with the 65 cm folding blade. Get outside and have a great time with your kids building an epic fort and teach them a great back country skill to boot!

  • Aggressive: Non-linear blade delivers an ultra-efficient cutting pattern, while laser-cut teeth rip snow and ice in both directions, and voids between teeth remove debris from path.
  • Strong: Durable, lightweight 7075 aluminum blade.
  • Rigid: Secure, low-profile locking pin holds reliably through hardpack conditions, and increases stiffness.
  • Compact: Folds its long reach to half its size for ultimate packability and backcountry practicality.
  •  Comes in a welded gear-protecting sheath.
  • 0.36 kg
  • 45 cm