MSR Habitude 6 Person Tent

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The new Habitude series of basecamp tents are solid comfortable family tents with a backpacking heart! Design to be compact with an adventuring mindset. The Habitude can easily be used on your next raft-packing trip or any other family adventure while still having the creature comforts needed in a family tent!

Don’t forget to grab a footprint to protect it!

Pro Tip: As with ALL large car camping and family-style tents you need to make sure you set up, stakeout, and secure guylines PROPERLY to ensure maximum stability and weather protection in wind or rainstorms!

  • Minium weight 6.08kg (13lbs 6oz))
  • Floor area 7.71sq/m (83 sq/ft)
  • Vestibule 2.27 sq/m (24.5 sq/ft)
  • Interior peak height 1.95sq/m (77")
  • Porch light