• Who is All Out Kids Gear? Hi All Out Kids Gear is a family and parent-run online kids gear store. It was started by Phillip and Kristi, two parents that had a hard time finding quality outdoor gear for their own kids.
  • What do you sell? We sell outdoor gear for kids and families, and we only sell what we use and/or completely believe in. We do not sell equipment that we or our kids would not use or trust.
  • Do you price match? Yes, if you find any in stock, advertised price, on an identical item we carry we will make every effort to match the final shipped price! We always strive to have fair market pricing on everything we carry!
  • Where does All Out Kids Gear get their gear! We only source our gear from the proper Canadian distributors and comes with the full manufactures warranty!
  • Can we special order? Most of the time, yes! If you have a special order request please contact us and if we can special order it, we will!
  • I am not sure the size I need? Send us a message, call or email and we will help decide. It is what we do!
  • Will I have any problems dealing with All Out Kids Gear? No! We are also parents and are here to help parents as much as we can! We always try to ship our orders as fast as we can and believe in going above and beyond with our customer service!
  • Do you stock everything you sell? Yes as much as we can. We do have a few suppliers who for conveience, or for the odd emergency shippment will help us out by shipping direct. We may also have companies ship direct to you if it helps us keep the shipping charges down as low as we can. This might also be why your order arrived in different shippment!
  • Do you carry adult gear! Yes, we do! We want to try and carry gear that a complete family needs to go outside!