• Who is All Out Kids Gear? Hi All Out Kids Gear is a family and parent run online kids gear store. It was started by Phillip and Kristi, two parents that had a hard time finding quality outdoor gear for their own kids.
  • What do you sell? We sell outdoor gear for kids and families, and we only sell what we use and/or completely believe in. We do not sell equipment that we or our kids would not use or trust.
  • How do the wooden bikes stand up?  The bikes are made of marine grade plywood and handle water perfectly. I wouldn't leave them out in the rain for weeks at a time. But my kids still ride the first Early Rider Lite we bought almost five years ago and has gone through two children, and a lot of rain and puddles, and is still in great shape.
  • How do balance bikes work?  The basic idea is they learn to balance their bikes by running with their legs. As they begin to coast their feet are never too far from the ground. They grow accustomed to the feel of riding a bike. This does away with the use of those nasty training wheels, which seem to cause more problems than they solve. Both my kids were riding the 16" Early Rider Belter for 12-16 km. well before their fourth birthday and they never rode with training wheels.