Roces Adjustable Ski Boot 19.0-22.0

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A very well-made ski boot that can adjust from 19.0 to 22.0 with a twist of a lever. The boot can adjust to 4 different lengths, the top buckle can be moved to accommodate different leg widths. No more buying a new boot every year, or passing a boot down to siblings, just to find it does not quite fit. One of the only kid's boots with a micro-adjusting buckle for a precise fit. The sole remains the same, so no need to adjust or remount bindings!  

  • Adjust to 4 different lengths 19.0-22.0 (13 kids-3 youth)
  • Adjustable buckle mount for leg width
  • Micro-adjust buckles
  • Sole length 255 mm
  • Tested and refined flex made for kids
  • Beginner to upper intermediate
  • 4 great colours
  • Warm and comfortable memory foam liner

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